Hey there, business enthusiasts! Ever wonder how some lesser-known businesses score six-figure sales with their launch funnels? Let’s take a look at 10 outstanding examples. No mega-influencers or funnel tech gurus, promise! Let’s dive in!

1. Jigsaw Health

This family-owned supplement company leveraged a product launch funnel for their new magnesium supplement, capturing leads with an educational video series and ending with a compelling offer. Boom! They broke the six-figure mark!

2. Wild Zora

Wild Zora, a small food company, used a launch funnel to introduce a new line of healthy snack bars. They used an email series and a time-limited offer to create urgency, smashing their sales targets.

3. Yoga Teacher Prep

Yoga Teacher Prep, an online resource for yoga teachers, launched a premium membership with a launch funnel. They combined a free trial offer with email nurturing and testimonials, achieving impressive sales figures.

4. Copper Cow Coffee

This coffee company crushed it with a launch funnel for their new coffee flavor. A free sample as a lead magnet, nurturing emails, and a flash sale led to a great spike in their sales.

5. Apollo Athletics

Apollo Athletics, a fitness equipment retailer, used a funnel to launch a new product line. They combined an irresistible pre-order discount with social proof and a strong email campaign to secure high sales.

6. Healthy Habits Happy Moms

This online community used a launch funnel to sell their weight-loss program. Free webinars, countdown timers, and exclusive bonuses helped them achieve a six-figure launch.

7. Tailored Pet

Tailored Pet, a pet food company, used a product launch funnel to introduce a new custom dog food line. They captured leads with a pet health webinar and followed up with a strong sales offer, hitting a sales home run!

8. Little Learning Hands

Little Learning Hands, a subscription box for kids, leveraged a launch funnel for a new box theme. They used a quiz lead magnet and followed up with a special launch offer, securing impressive sales.

9. The Suburban Soapbox

Food blogger The Suburban Soapbox created a launch funnel to sell her new e-cookbook. She used her popular recipes as lead magnets and nurtured leads with sneak peeks and exclusive discounts, earning a nice chunk of change!

10. Kindlepreneur

Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur used a launch funnel to sell his online course on self-publishing. An informative webinar, strong email marketing, and a limited-time offer led to a hugely successful launch.

And there you have it, folks! Ten great examples of launch funnels that delivered the goods—six-figure sales, to be exact. Remember, a well-planned and executed launch funnel can work wonders, no matter the size of your business. Happy funneling!

Published On: June 26th, 2023 / Categories: Marketing Funnels /