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Calling all Coaches, Leaders, and Change-Makers

Fast Track Your Online Business with Guidance & Accountability

Frequent, short-session, task-oriented, get-er-done consulting for the tech-challenged entrepreneur looking for clear, simple, and impactful directions.

You’re Not Alone in Your Tech Struggles – Impact Coaching Provides Empathy, Expertise, and Clarity.

Do you ever feel like technology is standing in the way?

As an online entrepreneur, you have so much to offer your clients. But the technical aspects of running an online business can be overwhelming, to say the least.

You’ve poured your heart and soul into creating a program that can change lives, but the technology involved in getting started and running an online business can leave you feeling exhausted and frustrated.

You know you need to use technology to your advantage, but it’s hard to know where to start.

The problem with choosing the right tech for your business is that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Every business is unique, especially yours.

But finding the perfect tech combo that works for you isn’t as easy as some gurus would lead you to believe.

After years of being told “THIS software is the only software you’ll ever need” you’re finally calling BS.

Does the thought of signing up for YET ANOTHER magical software platform make you want to chuck your laptop out the window?

Let me know if this sounds familiar to you…

  • You struggle with technology and feel overwhelmed by the many different software tools available.

  • You find it challenging to set up systems such as billing, invoicing, and calendar integration.
  • You’re frustrated with the time it takes to learn how to use new software, leaving you feeling unmotivated and unable to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Your lack of “technical skills” causes delays in delivering services to clients, which leads to lost revenue and dissatisfied clients.

  • You feel unsupported and alone in your business, which can lead to burnout and stress.
  • You’re missing out on potential clients and sales because you don’t have a lead generation system or email marketing software set up.
  • Your inability to implement technological solutions quickly and efficiently is causing you to fall behind, and you’re worried that your business may fail as a result.

And look at that: 5 years later and still no elegant solution that fits your business.

Choosing tech is exhausting!

Jeffrey here…

I know how frustrating it is because for the past 20 years I’ve been helping entrepreneurs like you figure this shit out.

I’m actually NOT like you. I LOVE technology!!

My wife affectionately calls me Spock (in a loving way) and if the Borg showed up tomorrow, I might let them assimilate me (You can pat yourself on the back for being a normal human being if you don’t get that reference, and 10 points to Gryffindor if you did!).

I’ve spent the good part of a decade (or two) behind a monitor (or three) minding my own techie-business but I’m stepping up because something needs to change.

Here’s why:

I’m so incredibly sick of seeing uber-passionate, honest, and talented entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to figuring out technology.

Listen, I see you…

What I’m about to tell you might just be the magic bullet for your future…

Imagine never having to sift through hundreds of confusing bundles and features again.

  • Imagine STARTING your business with all the tech figured out…
    instead of learning everything as you go through trial and error.

  • Imagine being able to deliver your program and support your members with technology that also supports you…
    without having to fight tech limitations at every turn.

  • Imagine running a launch that feels effortless and exhilarating…
    instead of draining and overwhelming.

  • Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that your tech works for you because it’s what your business needs…
    not what someone sold you because they were an affiliate.


Impact Coaching & Accountability

3 months of 1-to-1, personalized technology consulting, strategy influence, and accountability

This program is designed to help you streamline your online business and overcome your tech-related challenges. 

This is your well-deserved personalized attention, not another digital course.

I understand the struggles you’re facing, and I’m here to guide you through the tech landscape so you can get the cliff note version of my 20 years of trial and error.

Imagine feeling confident and in control of your online business, with more time, energy, and focus to make a positive impact on your clients.

Imagine how amazing you’ll feel once all your technology is set up and working seamlessly!

You’ll feel confident and in control, knowing that you can easily manage billing, invoicing, and your calendar without any stress or hassle.

You’ll feel motivated and excited to tackle other important aspects of your business.

You’ll deliver your course or program flawlessly, leading to happy customers and increased revenue.

You’ll feel supported and less overwhelmed, which will help you avoid burnout and stay focused on what you do best.

With the right technology in place, you’ll be able to stay in your zone of genius.

It’s time to take charge of your technology and stop wasting time on the endless tech treadmill!

Here’s exactly how this offer unfolds…

That’s it!

Rinse and repeat as many times as you want within our 3 months together.

This is your opportunity to power through an unlimited amount of consulting!!

This is a choose-your-own-adventure consulting program.

We’ll tackle tech topics like:

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Setting up Google Workspace
  • Establishing branded email
  • Calendar setup and integrations
  • Cloud storage
  • Booking calendars
  • Stripe payment gateway integration
  • Business automation
  • Lead generation systems
  • CRM and email marketing software
  • e-commerce integrations
  • And much, much more!

And that’s just the beginning. Impact Coaching is tailored to your specific needs, not a cookie-cutter course.

With Impact Coaching, you’ll have a dedicated coach to guide you every step of the way.

We’ll work together to establish your “right next step” and how to implement it, and you’ll have an unlimited amount of meetings with me for a full three months.

The only requirement is that you complete each task before making your next appointment (unless you really can’t complete a task, then we’ll tackle that one together).

Each session empowers you to…

  • Eliminate the learning curve if you’re just starting out
  • Avoid the pitfalls of first-timer mistakes that turn into costly fixes down the road
  • Discover redundant features and eliminate unnecessary costs
  • Minimize “tech bloat” and reduce overall monthly and yearly fees
  • Simplify your tech and make sure it will support your business into the future

  • Identify missing tech and areas you can be more supported in your business
  • Find opportunities for automation and increase the effectiveness of your team

And that’s just the beginning!

“Jeffrey has been a critical piece in helping support our success. They have solved some very difficult challenges we have encountered. I definitely recommend working with him.”

-Greg B

Jeffrey [and his wife Aleyah] help you reach your highest potential as a digital CEO by working both on the heart, energy, and alignment AND on the numbers, funnels, and logistics. An undeniable necessity for any business owner who wants to serve with purpose, stay aligned, work with ease, and make an impact on the world. I’m SO grateful that I found them.”

-Erin Gallardo, co-founder of NeuroCollaborative, Inc

“Jeffrey’s ability to distill complex tech into a language I can understand is 5 stars! He initially laid out the steps, created timelines, and kept me moving in the right direction. He’s timely and responsive to all my questions. He also provided referrals to resources that proved incredibly helpful along the way. On top of being talented and lightning-fast, he is also honest and caring. I recommend working with Jeffrey without reservation.”

– Rita Giacalone, Ph.D., Global Head of Culture, Diversity & Belonging

You might be wondering…

Can you integrate any of this tech for me?2023-05-30T18:35:50-07:00

Absolutely. I have a fully capable team ready and standing by.

Will I be able to afford your recommendations?2023-05-30T18:35:29-07:00

Your budget is definitely something we take into consideration. If it doesn’t fit your budget, then it’s not a very good recommendation. ;o)

Are there any additional costs?2023-05-30T18:35:10-07:00

Well, not from me. But once we decide on the perfect software solution that fits your business model, you’ll need to sign up and pay for that service.

Do you build websites?2023-05-30T18:34:54-07:00

Of course! I’ve been building high-quality websites for 20+ years.

Are you affiliated with the software you recommend?2023-05-30T18:34:39-07:00

Some, but not all. I don’t make recommendations based on any affiliation, and I don’t become an affiliate just to make recommendations. If I’m an affiliate, it’s because I believe in the product or service and likely use it myself.

Do I need to have all the tech pieces before I get started?2023-05-30T18:34:19-07:00

Not at all. In fact, sometimes it’s better if you don’t. We’ll work with what you have, and figure out what you need.

How can I be sure that Impact Coaching is worth the investment?2023-05-30T18:34:02-07:00

That’s a fair question. But let me respond with a few questions of my own…
How much is your time worth?

How long do you think it’ll take to figure it all out yourself?

And, what do you think it’ll cost to change technology later on?

What if you’re already paying for technology that you don’t need?

On average, I save my clients about $5,000 a year simply by consolidating redundant technology.


How much time will I need to dedicate to implementing the solutions we discuss?2023-05-30T18:33:24-07:00

Not a lot. Each task will take between 15 minutes and an hour.

What if I have questions between sessions?2023-05-30T18:32:20-07:00

As an Impact Coaching client you have my direct line for quick text messages. This is perfect for quick answers while you’re in the middle of a task. Please note that I can only respond when I’m not deep in work or a meeting, but I can usually respond within an hour or two.

What if I can’t complete a task before the next appointment?2023-05-30T18:32:04-07:00

No problem! Most tasks are easy to complete, even for those who are terrified of tech.

However, there are some that really do require a certain technical prowess. Bring it to the session and we’ll bang it out together.

How will you know what technology solutions will work best for my business?2023-05-30T18:31:44-07:00

All online businesses need some variation or combination of the same ingredients. Finding out which are the best ingredients for your business is the magic of what we do together.
In our initial consultation, we examine what you do, who you serve, what your goals are, and what technology will support it all.

How many sessions will I need to attend?2023-05-30T18:31:28-07:00

To get the most out of Impact Coaching you’ll want to book as many sessions as you can in a 3-month period. For the go-getter’s out there, this might look like 1-2 sessions every week. If you move a little slower, that’s fine. The purpose of Impact Coaching is to get as much done in 3 months as possible.

How is Impact Coaching different from other coaching services?2023-05-30T18:26:33-07:00

Impact coaching is a fast-paced, quick-session coaching style that’s perfect for the go-getter who’s ready to make real progress. Unlike other coaching styles that offer to consult monthly or bi-monthly, Impact Coaching uses a 3-month container of time to get as much done as possible in short burst sessions.

In the same way that High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) maximizes the time spent in the gym, Impact Coaching maximizes the time spent with a coach.

Finally feel confident about technology through personalized insight from an industry veteran

This Impact Coaching program is just $4997 for a 3-month commitment.

And $1,000/mo thereafter when you choose to continue.

You’ll have a dedicated booking link that only you can use, and I’ll be available via text for quick answers to any questions you may have.

Not quite sure? Let's have a quicke chat

Let’s be real. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I can promise you that if you keep putting this off, you’ll just continue to waste time through trial and error. And believe me when I tell you that the cost of making a mistake and switching platforms later on in your business is a lot more than $997.

Imagine the struggles you’ll skip when you have an uber-techie-geeky-guide to make a customized and personalized technology roadmap for your business.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve built hundreds of websites, funnels, email marketing sequences, and automated systems.

And I’ve seen powerful entrepreneurs, just like you, get stopped in their tracks by one tech barrier after another.

If there’s ONE thing I can do in this world, it’s explain hefty tech mumbo-jumbo to normal people in a way you can understand.

Let’s recap

Impact Coaching & Accountability

3 months of personalized, 1-to-1 , technology consulting, strategy influence, and accountability

This is not a course.

Sign up now!

Walk away with real solutions to help you…

  • Eliminate the learning curve if you’re just starting out
  • Avoid the pitfalls of first-timer mistakes that turn into costly fixes down the road
  • Discover redundant features and eliminate unnecessary costs
  • Minimize “tech bloat” and reduce overall monthly and yearly fees
  • Simplify your tech stack and make sure it will support the future of your business
  • Identify missing tech and areas you can be more supported in your business
  • Find opportunities for automation and increase the effectiveness of your team

Don’t let technology hold you back any longer. Let me help you streamline your online business so you can make a bigger impact on your clients. 

Book your first session today!

You’re just 3 months away from complete tech clarity for your entire business.

Sign up now!

Now, it’s up to you…

How will your life change when you have total clarity around all the tech you need to create, market, and deliver your course or group program?

Consider this your gentle, loving reminder to commit.

Commit to yourself.

To your business.

And don’t let tech stop you from serving the people you’re here on this earth to help.