Your Purchase Has an Impact

As an author, I am sure you’ve wondered at some point, “Why are resellers making more off my books than I am?” Through most audiobook retail platforms, the lion’s share of the sale goes to the retailer, publisher, and distributor, leaving you with pennies. But what if I told you there’s a better way?

That’s right! I’m overjoyed to introduce you to AMPlify Audiobooks, a platform designed specifically with authors’ needs in mind.

AMPlify: Putting Authors First

AMPlify Audiobooks is an initiative that defies the industry norm. Here, authors always earn at least 65% royalties on each purchase. There are no hidden fees, fine print, or secret ‘factors’. And the best part? AMPlify aims to increase that percentage over time!

This is not a charity; it’s justice for your hard work. Writing a great story demands years of effort and a significant investment. From editing, layout design, cover design, to audio production and marketing, you pour your heart, soul, and funds into it.

Give Yourself the Control You Deserve

On other retail channels, authors often have little or no say in the price their audiobook is sold at. They can’t control if their audiobook is given away for free. AMPlify, however, empowers you to choose your sale price, and decide if and when you want to offer free copies or discounts.

So, shouldn’t authors earn the greatest share from sales? I wholeheartedly believe, YES!

AMPlify: Building Community and Breaking Norms

One of the beauties of AMPlify Audiobooks is how it builds and nurtures a community around authors. Retailers don’t typically provide any way for authors to connect with their audience, but AMPlify Audiobooks breaks the norm. You’re not just a name on a cover. When readers buy through AMPlify, they’re subscribing to you, the author, not just the platform.

I’ve had the pleasure of playing a small part in the development of this app, and I can’t begin to express the joy of seeing a client’s successful launch on the platform.

Actionable Tips for Authors

Joining and working with Pro Audio Voices through the AMPlify Audiobook program can help authors increase their revenue quickly. Here’s how:

  1. Set a fair price for your book – Consider your investment and the value you’re providing to the reader.
  2. Engage with your audience – Use the platform to keep them informed about your work and new releases.
  3. Offer occasional discounts or freebies – It can stimulate sales and bring new readers to your work.
  4. Collaborate with other authors on the platform – You can learn from each other’s experiences and share audience bases.
  5. Invest in quality audio production – High-quality audiobooks are more likely to sell and get good reviews.

Be bold. Be brave. Your creativity deserves a fair share. It’s time to AMPlify your earnings, your control, and your community!

I personally want to stress the importance of #5. Being mildly dyslexic audiobooks are the only way for me to really enjoy the ‘read’. And I know I’m not the only one!

Join AMPlify Audiobooks today!

You can also check out my small role in this groundbreaking project here: Pro Audio Voices Shop

No Subscriptions, No In-app Purchases, Just Fairness!

Unlike most platforms that thrive on subscriptions and in-app purchases, AMPlify Audiobooks operates on a different plane. There are no subscriptions, no in-app purchases; all it offers is an unparalleled opportunity for authors to monetize their hard work while fostering a direct, meaningful relationship with their readers.

Exposing Misleading Practices in the Audiobook Industry

Traditionally, audiobook distributors have been known to be misleading in their dealings. It’s not uncommon for authors to be told they’re earning “70%” royalties, which on the surface, sounds pretty good. But here’s the catch: that “70%” isn’t 70% of the price the reader is buying the audiobook at. It’s 70% of what’s left after the retailer (let’s say Audible) takes their hefty portion first.

Confusing, right? Not to mention utterly unfair. Especially when certain giants in the industry refuse to release their calculations for royalties, dubbing it as ‘proprietary information.’ The result? Authors are left scrabbling for the crumbs and unable to decipher how their earnings were computed.

AMPlify Audiobooks: The Solution

This is where AMPlify Audiobooks steps in, rewriting the rules of the game. This innovative platform is founded on the simple premise that without authors, there would be no audiobooks. Thus, it only makes sense to put authors first, to ensure they’re rewarded fairly and transparently for their work.

Amplifying Your Impact as an Author

As an author, you pour your heart into your work, sharing valuable stories, insights, and experiences with the world. It’s high time the industry recognizes your efforts and provides the support you need to continue creating.

As someone who has played a small role in this transformative project, I invite you to leverage this platform and experience the change firsthand. Let’s put the power back in the authors’ hands, where it truly belongs.

Join the AMPlify Audiobooks movement. Start earning the royalties you deserve. Take control of your work. Build your community. All these are possible, only on AMPlify Audiobooks.

Let’s amplify your impact as an author. Together, we can reshape the narrative of the audiobook industry.

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