Here’s the simple truth. All digital agencies offer SEO services. But despite what many claim, there are only a handful that truly understand SEO for E-commerce. That’s a huge distinction and what sets soulpepper apart. We’ve been doing SEO specifically for e-commerce for so long that we can point out errors in your SEO strategy faster than you can say Shop Now!

SEO is more than organic growth

Traditionally, SEO has been strictly organic traffic growth. But it’s so much more now. It’s bigger and includes social media and user experience of the website. Why? When someone visits your page and leaves right away, Google doesn’t give it as much weight as if they were staying there. So SEO has a much broader impact than what’s simply going on in organic rankings.

Results are what count

One thing that I can say with 100% confidence is that soulpepper can increase your SEO results by 25%. It may take 2 or 3 months, but we’re going to hockey stick your traffic growth. Guaranteed. How? Most SEO companies just do the basics. Our service is enterprise full-fledged e-commerce SEO. We’re not simply rewriting header tags, title tags and meta descriptions and billing you for it. That’s a much more provincial way of looking at it and doing SEO. Our overall systematic process is much better.

Clients see the difference

Clients don’t come to us to grow their traffic any more. They come to grow their sales.

Clients don’t come to soulpepper to grow their traffic any more. They come to us to grow their sales. Because managing e-commerce SEO is a bigger responsibility that includes social media and user experience of the website. As a digital agency, we look at so many different things. We have all of the tools (not just SEO), available at our disposal. We see how things are working together. We talk to the social team, the content team, PR, the UX – so we know how that’s all going to affect your business. For the better!

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Written by Sean Jimenez

About the author

Sean Jimenez is a serial entrepreneur and recognized as one of the leading digital marketing experts in North America. He is also the founder of soulpepper, a digital marketing agency on a mission.

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